funeral for a friend.

for my five year, ten month old ipod, skrapshtebazilenerual.

well, I called him skraps for short.

he died.

the poor boy.
and after five years, i finally caved in and bought him an iHome.
he only got to sleep there once.
the night before he died.

goodbye, skraps.

we sure did have some good times.
like all of those times we went running,
all of those logan drives, you were my constant companion.
you were there for me during my sleepless nights,
and remember how i watched high school musical with you?
that was pretty fun.
and you know, how you helped me clean
i couldn't have done it without you
my friends all loved you too.
but, i knew you were getting old.
and a bit unresponsive.
and it was your time to go.

it'll be hard to replace you.

(i don't have $200 to spend)

1 comment:

Katie Lane said...

oh poor skraps! what are you going to do!?