pretty much amazing

so, my bike got stolen.

I'm pretty sure.

because, today, I ran outside to hurry to my classroom management class to get my bike.
it wasn't there.
I double checked.
I triple checked.

I didn't see it.

The only thing that confuses me is that it was a crappy bike.
Like it wasn't a cute little beach cruiser.
Or a really nice road bike.
Or even a nice mountain bike.
It was just an old scwhinn that my grandpa fixed up for me.
That I loved dearly.

I wonder what will be next?

I do hope it's my printer.

But please, Robot (my laptop), Friend (my tb), Car (my car)
try really hard to stay alive, running, and useful.

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Olivia.Leta said...

Lauren, I am so sorry about your bike. I don't understand what people are thinking when they steal stuff, that's so sad.