two thousand ten.

in one year,

i will not worry as much what others think.
when someone hates me, they hate me.
and sometimes, there's nothing i can do about it.
i just need to not be sad about it.
and move on.

my temple recommend will be used and worn.
because it will have been used every week.
and have attended every temple in utah.

i will be closer to the Lord.
because i really studied and pondered using my scriptures every day.
and prayed on my knees with a heart full every morning and night.
and not focused so much on myself and what i want.
but focused on others in a heartfelt, caring way.
and expressed my gratitude for everything i have.
and received guidance in huge decisions of the year.

i will have a hot bod.
from the gym.
from xc skiing. hiking. running.
and from rock climbing ( i hope )
and from eating really healthy.
and knowing when to stop.
stop eating, that is.

i will love everyone that i meet.
and focus on the good that i see in everyone.
and not the little things that annoy me.
whether they listen to glenn beck or awful music, lack basic parenting skills, or talk too much.

be a better teacher.

and more confident.
and put more time and effort into my preparation.
and reflections.
and reach out and be more assertive.

and i'll be super happy.
because that's how i should be.
no matter what happens this year.


Jeff and Kira said...

That's a great list! I think I could apply all of them to myself and should. Of course the hot bod will have to wait until after the baby comes. I'll still have 5 or 6 months before the end of the year though so I can pull it off :)

Chess said...

That's a great list! And I hope you're happy!

Hayley and Jake said...

I very much like your resolutions!

Daniel, Nina and Family said...

Thanks! I love the opportunity to make resolutions when many of us are invested in doing better! Your resolutions help me to reach higher with my own goals and commitment to my resolution to "be better"! Thanks again!

Erica said...

Very nice! I have yet to make my New Years resolutions....

Olivia.Leta said...

What a great Post :)