goodbye, 2009.

It's weird to say that I'm grateful for 2009.

And glad that it happened.

but, I am.

Don't get me wrong, there are several events in 2009 that I wished would have never happened. But, they did.

{You know it's been a bad year when your mother says to skip out on the 2009 update with the Christmas card, because we don't have anything happy to tell anyone. Well, other than, 'Larry's still working from home and loving it..'}

Throughout this year, I have learned such important lessons
In addition to this list made in May,
I have learned that you are never alone.
Despite how alone you may feel, there is always one who knows exactly what you are feeling.
I have learned that my grandmother is amazing.
And I look up to her, and her ability to still be able to smile and laugh, even though no one in the room can understand her.
I have learned that the Johnson family is the strongest family in the world.
I remember walking away, confused, at how I wanted to help them feel more comforted, but walked away feeling more comforted than I ever could have offered to them.
I have learned that the temple is the closest place to heaven on earth.
And that I will forever live my life in a way where I will always have a recommend.
I have learned that blogs are great. And have been my therapy throughout this year.
I have learned that attitude and confidence affect everything.
Especially with your ability to learn and grow.
I have learned what it feels like to be a burnt-out first year teacher, without even being a first-year teacher. Thanks to being sick, mostly. And the lesson learned directly above this one.
I have learned that Iron & Wine and Sigur Ros are wonderful.
And I have learned that sometimes life is just meant to endured.
And that everything will be okay.
You just need to look at it with an eternal perspective.
And all your negative thoughts, insecurities, disappointments, pains, and tears disappear.
I promise.

This will be me on Saturday, hopefully.
(Well minus the blonde hair and pixie dust)

Please, 2010.
Be a little easier than 2009.

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Roberts said...

I agree and hope 2010 is a better year. Although 2009 ended great. Have a great time on your cruise. I'm sure your looking forward to being warm for a week.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more love! I'm glad that you could be so optimistic and find the good things from such a terrible year. I'm right with you on welcoming the new year!