the luckiest granddaughter

I simply have one thought today
 . . .
I love grandparents.
I love when they hug you.
Ask you questions about your life.
Whistle in the front room.
Serve you ice cream.
Hold your hand.
Kiss your cheek.
Buy you lunch.
Reminisce about old times.
Feed you See's chocolates and pies until you feel sick.
Interview your boyfriends.
Pull your teeth.
Giggle with you.
Listen to your stories.
Think you're the most beautiful, wonderful girl that has ever lived.
And love you no matter what.

I'm the luckiest granddaughter in the whole wide world.

We Own the Sky - M83
Convention (Blood, Bones, & Tissue) - Forest World
Walk Real Slow - Lady & Bird
[I'm just sort of copying you yindselfret.]

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lindsey; said...

welll imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so i don't mind you copying me ha