so, i'm twenty-one now.  

i've watched a scary movie in a fort,
hemmed a pair of jeans mostly all by myself, 
went to a ward party with a significant other, 
performed the heimlich maneuver on a choking woman, 
started a fire,
avoided cleaning my room,
had a top-ten embarrassing moment,
sniffled, coughed, sneezed, and more,
changed beds,
sipped the world's best herbal tea,
had the best valentines day in years (at least two),
kissed an unshaven man,
did not embarrassingly lose a game of balderdash (did not win, either - just mediocre),
laughed so hard that i've cried,
learned to be a little bit more assertive,
watched some of this wonderful movie that i have talked about,
learned to care less about unimportant things and more about the important things, 
fell in love with this tv show,
drank some dr. pepper.

oh, how i love being twenty-one

i'm so happy that i haven't even bought my first alcoholic beverage. . .


Katie Lane said...

i didn't know you performed the heimlich on a choking woman, or started a fire, or had a top-ten embarrassing moment. why don't i know these things?!?! oh i know why. greg.

and p.s. you've avoided cleaning your room your whole life.

Chess said...

I want to buy an alcoholic beverage just to say I have. I can't believe you had to do the Heimlich. Also, I want to hear about this top-ten embarrassing moment. :)

Amy said...

Lauren... I think your blog is amazing. I am addicted to it.

Katrina said...

I'm so happy for you dear. You deserve every happiness in the world.

Erica said...

Lauren, you are amazing and I miss you!!!!! I hope everything is going great for you! P.S. I like the one about kissing the unshaven man :) go you

Greg said...

Yeah I also like that part about you kissing the unshaven man. You should do that more often, that unshaven man is really lucky.